Glad to see you here!

My name is Ekaterina Korshunova. I am an energy therapist, meditation teacher and psychic.


Long story short:

  • I practice meditation since childhood;

  • study yoga and breathing techniques for over 10 years;

  • vegetarian more than 10 years, total vegan since 2020;

  • study massage techniques, bio-energetics, osteopathy & medicine for over 7 years;

  • music and healing sound energies for over 6 years;

  • channeling for over 3 years.


It all started in 2011, when my friend Rauf Asadov [] after a meditation retreat invite me to create the "I Love Yoga" society. Since that we organized yoga classes in all major Moscow parks, as well as the first Russian "Yoga Day" :) Since then, I`ve collaborated and studied with different masters, travel, asked questions and found answers.


During past 10 years I found very powerful teachers and knowledge that where lost on our Planet and you can`t find it in any book or even closed school. So I have something to share!


I released a music album and all the genius ideas get from my meditations. When brilliant ideas come!
By the way, here is my new album 

And now my dreams come true and get bigger. As you know what? My soul, your soul come here to RELEASE dreams and LIVE it!


In our age, when everyday information volume are so big our concentration can fault. And we really need to train this concentration muscle to even hear yourself and see the truth and true sucsess. I took a step deeper and discovered a type of meditation techniques for regulate your hormonal levels.

Dopamine, serotonin, cortisol, melatonin .. I tell more in my lessons. The world has become much friendlier, this is how not only spiritual development works, but also the ability to get off the “cartisol needle” when we are “costantly running” or living in a world of extreme or others games.. Well I am a gamechanger, or a gamestopper. Because on lessions we will go to hear inner world loudly and get skills to put your attention to yourself, to your soul.


I won`t scare you - everything is really simple, without fatality, drama and dead end.

My main goal is to share with you how to live more than 150 year and have happy soul experience without drama.

I also taught my body immunity to Covid and its mutations. And I can teach you!


If you're ready - come join and sign up for the class!



Main reasons to start meditate today: